Brexit UK negotiating team profile: UK Brexit Secretary David Davis

Newington's Tiffany Burrows and Katie Milne profile David Davis, the UK's Brexit Secretary.

Age: 68


An MP since 1987, Davis is a long-time Eurosceptic who once joked that he would stand beside the devil to get the UK out the EU. He served as an Assistant Government whip under John Major, and was ironically charged with quashing rebellions against the Maastricht Bill.

Experience: 6 years

Davis served in the Whips’ office for three years in the early 1990s and was John Major’s Minister for Europe from 1994-1997. He returned to the frontbenches in 2016 as the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

Red tape rating: 2/5

Given his experience as Minister for Europe under Major, Davis is familiar with Europe and foreign policy. However, he has no experience of complex negotiations and has been accused of laziness by several people, including Vote Leave chief Dominic Cummings and James Chapman who said his former boss has been “working a three day week since day one”.

Contention rating: 5/5

With a YouGov net approval rating of -37, Davis is no stranger to controversy. He infamously ran a controversial campaign to be leader of the Conservative Party in 2005 and has made several blustering threats to EU leaders since he joined the frontbench, most recently saying he would “start the row of the summer” if the EU did not allow negotiations on a future trade deal to start in Autumn.

Twitter followers: 48.3K