Mind the Chap - International Men’s Day campaign

We supported CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) during its International Men’s Day campaign to raise awareness of the prevalence of male suicide in the UK. Our support involved developing and implementing a media programme, and working with volunteers on the ground.


Our pro bono client, CALM, has long sought to spread the message that suicide is the biggest killer of men aged under 45. In order to reach as broad an audience as possible, we assisted CALM in raising the public and media profile of their campaign. Using our expertise and experience, we helped CALM and its partners to highlight the work of the charity and facts and figures about male suicide. 


We worked with CALM to create and implement a media strategy that highlighted the awareness raising work undertaken by the charity on International Men’s Day, and about male suicide more broadly. Alongside producing and circulating a press releases to print media we organised television interviews to highlight the activity to its intended audience. To complement this work, our staff helped volunteers distribute the charity’s information material to commuters and speak to those interested about the campaign.


Our support led to the “Mind the Chap” campaign being covered across print and online media, alongside coverage on local broadcasters. Newington volunteers also handed out thousands of branded Oyster card holders and information packs on male suicide across London.

  • 23,000 oyster card wallets distributed across London.
  • Media coverage of the “Mind the Chap” campaign featured on London Live, BBC News, PR Week and twice in City AM.