Belfast North

The UUP leader-elect Steve Aiken has announced that they would not be fielding a candidate against fellow Unionist and DUP Westminster Leader Nigel Dodds, given Belfast North constituency is a top target for Sinn Féin. 

In a similar vein, the SDLP have also announced that they will not stand in order to give SF a clear run. The significance of this lies with the SDLP's votes in 2017 almost equalling the size of the majority Dodds was returned with. 

The constituency is broadly socially liberal, and narrowly supported Remain in 2016, which could spell trouble for the conservative, Brexit-supporting MP.


  • Nigel Dodds (DUP) [Incumbent]

  • Nuala McAllister (Alliance)

  • John Finucane (Sinn Féin)