Anna Soubry narrowly fended off second-place Labour in 2017, winning a razor-thin majority of 863 votes. Her defection from the Conservatives to Change UK may end up splitting the traditional Tory vote in this Nottinghamshire marginal and precipitate a Labour win, but it is also possible that her unashamedly pro-EU standing could prove a liability in a constituency that narrowly voted to leave, allowing the Conservatives to take the seat back. 

Browtowe will undoubtedly serve as a bellwether for other seats featuring defecting MPs standing against the party they were elected with – like Nottingham East (Chris Leslie), Beaconsfield (Dominic Grieve), Ilford South (Mike Gapes), Birkenhead (Frank Field) and more recently, South West Hertfordshire (David Gauke). 


  • Anna Soubry (The Independent Group for Change (TIGFC)) [Incumbent]
  • Darren Henry (Conservative)
  • Greg Marshall (Labour)
  • Kat Boetgge (Green)

The Brexit Party withdrew its candidate and the Liberal Democrats are not fielding a candidate.