Rosie Duffield provided one of the biggest surprises of the 2017 general election when she won the constituency of Canterbury in Conservative heartland. This seat is one of the top targets for the Conservatives, and failure to take it back will dampen Boris Johnson’s chances of a majority. It will also be a good test of how well Mr Johnson’s Brexit message resonates in a constituency that supported Remain in the 2016 EU referendum, but used to consistently elect Conservative MPs, and whether Mr Johnson has turned so-called ‘Tory Remainers’ away from the party. 

The original Liberal Democrat candidate, Tim Walker, announced that he would not be running in order to give pro-Remain candidate Rosie Duffield the best chance of winning the constituency. He was hastily replaced as the Lib Dem candidate by Claire Malcolmson, with Canterbury constituency chairman Nigel Whitburn saying that “the majority of members say we should be putting up a candidate”, despite widely reported local arguments on the matter. If Labour narrowly lose the seat, the loss may well be blamed on the failure of Labour and the Lib Dems to cooperate in the Remain-supporting seat.


  • Rosie Duffield (Labour) [Incumbent]
  • Anna Firth (Conservative)
  • Claire Malcomson (Liberal Democrat)
  • Michael Gould (Independent)