North East Fife

The most marginal seat in the UK, North East Fife was won in 2017 by a margin of two votes! A fierce fight is expected here between the SNP and 2017 second-place finishers the Liberal Democrats, and North East Fife might well prove an interesting example of whose ‘Remain’ message is more effective.

A strong SNP showing will bode well for their chances of taking almost 50 Scottish seats and re-establishing the dominance they enjoyed in 2015. However, a Lib Dem win could well establish the party as the ‘unionist Remain’ voice in Scotland – advocating remaining a member of the EU and remaining a part of the UK. This could be an effective strategy in a seat that voted 55 per cent against independence in 2014. 

North East Fife has a long history of being a bastion of Liberals in their various forms - the seat was held by former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell between 1987 and 2015, and the historic seat of East Fife was the constituency of Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith. 



Stephen Gethins (SNP) [incumbent]

Wendy Chamberlain (Liberal Democrat)

Wendy Haynes (Labour)

Tony Miklinski (Conservative)