The retirement of long-standing Labour MP Ian Lucas could produce a valuable opportunity for the Conservatives in Wales. Traditionally a Labour heartland, Wales has seen the Conservatives become increasingly competitive in recent elections, and Wales joined England in 2016 in voting to leave the European Union. 

Wrexham itself was a strong supporter of leaving the EU, and this undoubtedly makes it a challenge for Labour to hold.

Recent polling is likely to have lifted Labour's spirits, especially with the Conservatives having struggled to get their Wales campaign firing on all cyclinders. The man meant to lead the Conservative campaign in Wales, Alun Cairns, was forced to step down from his position as Secretary of State for Wales early in the campaign and the Tories will be hoping that his resignation will not have too great an effect on their chances.



Mary Wimbury (Labour)

Sarah Atherton (Conservative)

Carrie Harper (Plaid Cymru)

Duncan Rees (Green)

Ian Berkeley-Hurst (Brexit Party)

Tim Sly (Liberal Democrat)